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To highlight our commitment to quality. We are proud to announce the following partnerships and joint-ventures:
-We hold joint-ventures agreement with one of the most renowned companies in the Gulf region in the field of Landscape projects execution, Tariq Al-Ghanem (TAG Holding Co.), projects fo value exceeding 73 million dollars, and is noted as a “Class A” company in Kuwait thus in the G.C.C (See attached profile).

As a company, we are passionate about harnessing innovation as a positive force for change. We instill this mindset culturally in every element of our operations and project delivery. We invest heavily in research and development both academically with our university partnerships and at the operational level within our manufacturing and engineering facilities where we put the academic theory into practice.
As an engineering enterprise, Alkharasana is committed to playing a vital role in building a stronger and more sustainable economy that benefits society in general.

Ahmed Salem
Managing Director

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